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Student Wildcard for Master Classes

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PM and Inconnect issue a Student Wildcard for each master class, giving the student the opportunity to participate (free of charge) in the master class and thus gain access to the most recent insights in the areas of risk, crisis and change.

We select a student who is involved in research or work experience relating to crisis communication or management. Together with the other participants, the student will attend the 4 day programme relating to the latest scientific and practical insights into the omains of risk, crisis and change.

Not only will the student receive instruction from international guest lecturers from the academic world, he/she will also be given food for thought concerning methods, cases and research by crisis consultants who operate on a global scale.

Update: Melanie De Vocht is awarded the Student Wildcard for the Belgian Risk and Crisis Management Master Class Fall 2013 edition. Contact us to apply for a next edition wildcard.


Edition Student
Spring 2015 ? Wildcard not awarded yet
Fall 2013

Melanie De Vocht

As a PhD student in risk communication, Melanie (UGent) investigates, within the European project Veg-i-Trade, different communication strategies to communicate the emerging food safety risks in the most effective way.

Spring 2013

Eline Claerhout

For her master thesis in Communication Sciences (VUB, 2012) Eline explored the role of social media in crisis communication at Belgian music festivals

Spring 2012

Caroline Poels

For her master thesis in Multilingual Communication (Lessius Antwerpen, 2012) Caroline explored to which degree the High Reliability Theory (Weick and Sutcliffe) is currently applied in the risk communication of Flemish hospitals.

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Former student participants

It was fascinating to see how both the practical insights and the theoretical insights merged in this masterclass. As an academic with a predominantly theoretical background, this experience offered me practical insights.

Melanie De Vocht

Ghent University

Even the less obvious insights about leadership styles and collaboration with emergency services were discussed. Likewise, the diversity and practical experiences shared by participants were a major added value.

Eline Claerhout

VUB & KU Leuven

The things that made this master class really interesting for me are the individual knowledge and experiences of all the participants. Sharing this with each other was a major learning opportunity for me and is certainly an added value of the master class.

Caroline Poels

Lessius Antwerpen