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Risk and Crisis Management Master Class

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Every year, PM and Inconnect organise one or more a risk and crisis management master classes in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Its extensive 4 day programme, worked out in cooperation with several international academic partners, covers the latest developments with respect to risk, crisis and change management/communication. A large number of methodologies, practical applications and cases are discussed in detail. The next edition will be the fourth one.

New edition in 2016
We planned a new edition in Fall 2016.
Contact us early if you are interested.

The overall objective of this master class is to familiarise participants with new insights in this area of expertise. As such, we guarantee they receive an extensive update about the latest developments in the field upon completion of the programme. On the other hand, the master class also aims to examine in more detail, and to expand upon, existing concepts relating to the risk and crisis domain. By applying concepts from related domains, such as psychology or neuroscience, the participant constructs a broader and more grounded vision on the risk and crisis domains.

During the master class, we continuously relate cases and methods to new scientific and practitioners’ insights. The practical application of this new knowledge is discussed in detail by PM and Inconnect’s advisors, guest lecturers, and the participants themselves.

The programme has been set up to ensure that, upon completion, the participants will be able to apply these new insights to improve the level of risk and crisis awareness and crisis resistance within their own organisation.

Programme subject to change

Note: New updated programme to be announced later.

Day 1

Leadership, role models and figureheads

  • Introduction on the master class structure and task description day 4.
  • Insights from social cognitive neurosciences.
  • Application to the management of crisis situations, leadership in extreme circumstances and stress, both inside and outside the organisation.

Day 2

Complex Interactive Processes

  • Description of the discipline of complex interactive processes.
  • Approach based on social psychology, communication sciences, neurosciences and sociology.
  • Recent findings with respect to the crisis communication process, environment analysis, control, coordination, figureheads, strategic leadership, etc.
  • Mental models in risk communication.
  • Linking these insights to practical cases with which PM and Inconnect were closely involved.

Day 3

Discourse analysis and risk experience

  • How do people within a single organisation (or entire community) perceive risk differently? How does this affect the management of, and communication concerning, these risks?
  • Clear justification why procedures and scenarios on their own do not work, based on actual cases.
  • Link to application areas within risk and crisis domains, in both management and communication.

Day 4 half day

Sowing and harvesting

  • Feedback from participants.
  • What insights have they gained?
  • How have they applied these insights in their day-to-day operations?
  • Networking

Participant profile

  • You have extensive communication experience.
  • You are familiar with crisis communication and/or crisis management.
  • You are familiar with emergency procedures, business continuity plans and crisis (communication) plans employed by companies, organisations and/or authorities.
  • You would like to gain new insights into risk, crisis and change domains.
  • You are ready to be immersed in the most recent insights and practical cases in this area of expertise for a period of four days.
  • You have a working knowledge of the English language.

Lecturers subject to change

Next editions

Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans (EADA Business School – Barcelona)
Dalila Antunes (CEO Factor Social – Lisbon)
Dr. Annette Klarenbeek (University of Applied Science, Utrecht)
Dr. Hugo Marynissen (Cranfield School of Management – UK)
Stijn Pieters (Managing Partner PM)
Frank Vergeer (Consultant Inconnect)
Anne-Marie van het Erve (Consultant Inconnect)

Other lecturers related to Masterclass

Prof. David Denyer (BSc PhD, Cranfield School of Management – UK)
Prof. José Manuel Palma (University of Lisbon – Portugal)
Dr. Mike Lauder (DBA, Cranfield School of Management – UK)
Bart Bruelemans (Disaster Coordinator, City of Antwerp)

Dates and locations

In general the programme will run in the same time frame in both Belgium and the Netherlands, but the dates for the training days in Belgium differ from those in the Netherlands. Depending upon availability, Belgian participants will be able to attend programme days in the Netherlands and vice versa.

All locations have extensive parking facilities.

Spring 2015 edition Register now. Locations are subject to change.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
all day all day all day all day
Friday 17 April 2015 Friday 22 May 2015 Friday 12 June 2015 Friday 19 June 2015
Manhattan Hotel in Rotterdam

Cost per person, excluding VAT

Full Admission Early Bird
Register before 6 March 2015
Private sector 2,125 € 1,913 €
Public sector 1,913 € 1,722 €

Per person, for the full 4 days programme, excluding VAT.

Including course material, locations, catering, remuneration of guest lecturers. Course material will remain accessible online to participants after the event.

Clients who have a 24/7 stand-by contract with PM will receive an additional discount on the training cost.

Further information, registration and conditions

To register for this master class or request more detailed information, please send an e-mail to (Belgium) – (The Netherlands) (worldwide)

In view of the fact that we can only accept a limited number of participants for this master class, please register your interest as soon as possible.

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PM is a consulting firm specialising in crisis management, risk communication and guidance in complex changes.

Inconnect prepares both the public and private sector on risk communication and gives them support during crises.


All of the lecturers and most of the guest lecturers in this master class are founding member of:

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CIP Institute gathers scientists and practitioners from various disciplines in an inspiring and innovative platform to exchange and develop knowledge about the complex and interactive processes in the field of crisis.

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Former participants

Highly recommended for crisis communication freaks. Deepening our profession.

Eric Seugling

on Twitter

During the master class, I realised that my organization has to invest more time and work in risk management as opposed to (going straight to) crisis management.

Anton De Coster

Communications Officer, Agency for Roads and Traffic

This morning session makes me feel happy #mcrcm: starting from the experience. #communication #crisiscommunication

Madelon Noordover

on Twitter

When facing the next crisis situation, I’ll steer even more towards fast, active communication by the impacted organisation.

Patrick Van Impe


First day of risk-crisis management masterclass. What goes on in our brains during a crisis? Fascinating!

Dick Van Gooswilligen

on Twitter

Thank you!!! This was one of the best classes in the field of risk and crisis management I attended over the last year.

Bart Bruelemans

Disaster Coordinator, City of Antwerp

I highly recommend the crisis management master class for communication advisors. New insights, food for thought and inspiring experiences.

Marion van der Voort

on Twitter

The things that made this master class really interesting for me are the individual knowledge and experiences of all the participants. Sharing this with each other was a major learning opportunity for me and is certainly an added value of the master class.

Caroline Poels

Lessius Antwerp

Fascinating contribution to the master class by Steven Poelmans! Insights from psychology and neuroscience giving a major insight in our risk-crisis profession.

Tim Van Achte

on Twitter

The main idea that I took away from the master class was to use an academic approach to introduce the risk management spectrum in my organization, and to use that approach for a better risk inventory and planning.

Alain Bernard


Mike Lauder during the CIP crisis communication master class #mcrcm. “All models are wrong, but some are useful.”

Dick van Gooswilligen

on Twitter

Even the less obvious insights about leadership styles and collaboration with emergency services were discussed. Likewise, the diversity and practical experiences shared by participants were a major added value.

Eline Claerhout

VUB & KU Leuven

Read a lot of good things about #mcrcm by a.o. @StijnPieters

Martine de Bas

on Twitter

The master class gave me the last little push to start a PhD program. Have seldom been so deeply inspired in those four days! Thank you all for the little push.

Eric Seugling

on Twitter